Janko Polić Kamov – Prelude

kamov psvoka coverJanko Polić Kamov – Prelude

translated by Martin Mayhew

I will rape you, blank paper, virginal paper;
my passion is huge and you will barely stand it;
you flee my fury and you are pale with horror;
a kiss on your pallor – my kisses are black.

There is no law above you and for me the laws are dead;
I run from them and my escape is speedy;
I passed that way, where bowed napes grovel,
where dogs celebrate orgies and licking is their lechery.

You flee, shy doe, and you tremble like the first shame;
innocence is bewitching and madness is its echo;
I am wild, oh paper, and anger burns in my eye.

The people are pious and their tails are between their legs;
there is no sincerity in their eyes and their walk is drifting;
their job is sniffing around and their wages are rich;
there is no place amongst them and my word is punishable;
I swallow my thoughts and shame will choke me.

Stop, my love, listen to my pain;
you accept the word of man and the ass has not yet understood man;
oxen pull a plough and servitude brings them hay;
a little horse carries a boyar and its hair is shiny;
a hog is being fed richly and its meat is appetising:
the laws are slight and strict and the barns are crammed with oats.

Do not flee, kissed girl, there is no woman for me;
they don’t give themselves up for nervous kisses and tense complexion;
oh I have no gold, nor is there any diploma without it.

I love you, paper, and my love is warm;
warm like my blood and wild like my anger.
Give yourself to me forever – my kisses are black;
black are my kisses, and ruddy is the blood in them.


Translation – all rights reserved © Martin Mayhew

‘Preludij’ was first published in ‘Psvoka’ in 1907.

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