City Museum of Rijeka catalogues

The new City Museum of Rijeka at the Sugar Palace was opened in November 2020 – you can see some of the opening event here. I was the official translator for the English texts included in the exhibition. Late last year the Museum’s English versions of its extensive catalogue and handy guidebook were printed.

English versions are now available.

It was an honour to be involved in the editing and summarising of existing texts to produce these two fabulous editions. They are richly illustrated and superbly designed. The author of the original Croatian texts is the Museum’s director Ervin Dubrović and the designer is Vesna Rožman. The catalogues has more than 340 pages, whilst the guidebook has 144.

The English edition of the Museum’s new catalogue features the contents of the permanent exhibition now in the renovated Sugar Palace building in Rijeka.
The Museum’s new handy guidebook is a compact version of the main catalogue.

Catalogue ISBN: 978-953-8303-09-8
Guidebook ISBN: 978-953-8303-10-4

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City Museum of Rijeka

On 13th November 2020 the new City Museum of Rijeka opened in the newly renovated palace of the former sugar refinery. I have been involved in the translation of all the texts featured inside as well as the accompanying promotional material for the new museum since March 2020. This has been a massive task and I am extremely proud to be involved.

Here is a small selection of photographs of the interior, the new displays and exhibits that you can experience. The photographs do not do justice to the atmosphere inside. If you want to know more about the history of the city of Rijeka then I thoroughly recommend a visit to the museum.