The Sixties in Croatia – monography

‘The Sixties in Croatia: Myth and Reality’ (Šezdesete u Hrvatskoj – Mit i stvarnost) was a major exhibition held at MUO (Museum of Arts and Crafts) in Zagreb in 2018.

I was privileged to help with the proofreading of the English version of the accompanying monography.

This is a massive deluxe volume (448 pages) with superb texts, photographs and illustrations detailing every aspect of life in Croatia in the 1960s.

You can sample a few pages from the book here and order it online from the publisher Školska Knjiga here or buy it at a local branch.

Janko Polić Kamov – Farces & Novellas

My first book of my translations of Janko Polić Kamov’s work is now available on Amazon and all major ebook channels… Apple, Nook, Kobo, Kindle….

It is also available to buy from the publishers Modernist in Varaždin.

The Beard – Brada
In The Country – Selo
Woman – Žena
The Disaster – Katastrofa
The Suit – Odijelo
The Earthquake – Potres
The Bedbug – Stjenica
‘A Confession’ – ‘Ispovijest’


‘Ecce homo!’
Grief – Žalost
Freedom – Sloboda

ebook: ISBN: 978-1-912643-16-5
Printed edition ISBN: 978-1717088611

++Thank you to all those who helped and supported me in completing this important work 🙂 ++

Press clipping from Novi List 02.06.2018

Novi list – članak

Interview for Radio Rojc about Kamov, the book and publishing, in English here

Shipbuilding in Rijeka


This gallery contains 53 photos.

Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020 has a long tradition in shipbuilding. Many of these photographs are by the great photographer Viktor Hreljanović. More about the SMS Szent Istvan here

Griffon vultures of Cres comic strip

From the original black and white pen drawings by artist Roberto Guglielmi and text by author Vesna Radek I prepared this lovely comic strip children’s guide to the life cycle of the Eurasian Griffon (white headed griffon, bjeloglavi sup, Gyps fulvus).

Firstly I had to scan every single original black and white line drawing, clean them and then choose a colour scheme for the whole book which I then used to colourize every part of each image. Next I had to add the speech bubbles using the author’s text. This was a very exhausting and time consuming piece of work. The Croatian language version was printed and published. I also translated text into English but this version was not printed, nevertheless you can view copy of this version below.
The final booklet is a real labour of love.

This project was produced for Eko-centar Caput-Insulae Beli, on the island of Cres –

Here are two pages from the book.

griffon vulture comic stripOne of Roberto Guglielmi’s original black and white pen drawings.

Here is the English language version in full, which I translated but was never published.

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Tražim zaposlenje u području medija/tiska/izdavaštva:

Iz starih bejski albuma – community exhibition, website, cultural research

Iz starih bejski albuma

Ovom izložbom predstavljaju se ljudi koji su početkom 20. stoljeća živjeli u Belom koji je tada brojio oko tisuću stanovnika. Većina ljudi iselila se nakon II. svjetskog rata, a danas je gotovo nemoguće zamisliti da je Beli bio toliko napučen i pun života. Fotografijama se na simboličan način Bejani vraćaju u taj prošli život kroz sjećanja njih samih, njihovih potomaka i poznanika. Posjetitelji ovoga mjesta, pak imat će priliku kroz izložbu steći predodžbu o ljudima koji su živjeli u ovom mjestu iznimne kulturne baštine i prirodne ljepote koja ga okružuje.

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Beli, CresFrom the photo albums of old Beli, Cres

Through this exhibition we are presenting the people who lived in Beli during the first half of the 20th century when there were about 1,000 inhabitants here. Most of them emigrated after WWII and today it is almost impossible to imagine that Beli was so lively. Photographs in a symbolic way give back life to those people of Beli through their own memories, the memories of their relatives and acquaintances. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the people who lived in this place of an exceptional cultural heritage and the natural beauty which surrounds it.

This exhibition was a huge challenge. I had to gather 100s of old photographs from the old villagers of Beli – retouch and restore them to their original glory with Photoshop and then try to place names and stories to the people featured in them.

It was a very satisfying event when the exhibition opened in the old olive mill in Beli and to see the response from the local residents and those from around the world who then began to share their pictures and memories over the group page created on Facebook. – Martin

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