Goran Trbuljak: a never before seen work by an unseen artist

I am proud to have been the translator of the famous conceptual artist Goran Trbuljak’s exhibition ‘nikada do sada viđen rad neviđenog umjetnika‘ which was held at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka in their gallery from February to May 2019 – more here.

My translations of this special exhibition were printed on an accompanying A3 numbered sheet which viewers could read whilst viewing the original pieces.

There was also an accompanying exhibition on Rijeka’s Korzo featuring the originals with my translations.

Janko Polić Kamov – The Curse – Psovka

My second book of the work of Janko Polić Kamov is the translation of his collection of nine poems which he published in 1907 – ‘Psovka‘ (‘The Curse‘).
The poems featured are:
Preludij – The Prelude
Pjesma nad Pjesmama – Song of Songs
Mojsije – Moses
Pjesma suncu – Song to the Sun
Dan mrtvih – Day of the Dead
Ledeni blud – Icy Debauchery


Also included are two articles: ‘Poe‘ – Kamov’s impression of Edgar Allan Poe and ‘Beneath the Aeroplane‘ his contemporaneous view of the beginnings of human aviation in Europe. Another addition is a collection of aphorisms published after his death in the Italian Futurist journal ‘Lacebra‘ in 1913.

I reconstructed the cover of the original 1907 edition.

It is available as a paperback, 50 pages, and ebook edition via Amazon.com here and Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.uk and also via many ebook channels such as Apple Books etc.

It is also available to buy from the publishers Modernist in Varaždin.

ebook ISBN: 978-1-912924-96-7
Printed edition ISBN-10: 1095863789 ISBN-13: 978-1095863787

You can listen to an online interview with me for Radio Rojc about translating Kamov and publishing in English here

Thank you to everyone who helped me with finishing this translation 🙂