House of the Halubje Bell Ringers

30th April 2024 finally saw the opening of the House of Halubje Bell Ringers in Viškovo. I am extremely proud to have been the sole English translator in this very special project since 2019. If you know about the zvončari – bellringers, then you’ll understand how important they are to the local people of this part of Croatia – so important so that they are protected by UNESCO.

The visitor centre is full of everything related to the bell ringers’ history, customs and costumes and the local culture and traditions. There are interactive installations, models, tools, costumes and there will be workshops, concerts and cultural events.

Attending the opening ceremony were local dignatories, mayors, organisers, and Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović. Of course there was a impressive, mass performance by the Halubje Bell Ringers themselves.

Kuća Halubajskega zvončara

Kuća Halubajskega zvončara – House of the Halubje Bell Ringers Facebook

Veli Jože in English

My English translation of Vladimir Nazor’s ‘Veli Jože’ has been published my Modernist d.o.o. from Varaždin. The book is an exact, faithful reproduction of the original 1908 edition and includes all the excellent illustrations by Saša Šantel.

To promote this edition myself and the editor from Modernist, Robertino Bartolec, presented the book to the pupils at the Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Motovun, where the story of Veli Jože takes place, in April 2024.

Along with a slideshow of Saša Šantel’s original illustrations the pupils asked us very interesting questions about the story, the characters and locations, etc. It was a lively discussion. There is more info on the school’s website here.

I am very grateful to the teachers and pupils and of course to Modernist for publishing the book which is now available on their website here and also for distributing it to the public libraries across Croatia.

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The book is also available to buy on Amazon and most e-book outlets.