Janko Polić Kamov – more poetry in English

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Janko Polić Kamov’s other collection of poetry ‘Ištipana hartija’ (‘The Pinched Paper’) was published in 1907.

kamov ištipana hartija coverIt featured many more pieces than Psovka with the same themes.
Here is my translation of one short piece ‘Sunce’ (‘The Sun‘)

The Sun
Through the lines, where the flesh is already rotting
and where lie the broken bones,
where agony idiotically laughs
and where the tongue has parched from cursing,
It moves great like a tale of Christ!
And it began to row with a lighter wing
then the wave is strewn with warmth
and the kiss pressed onto the faces I gather,
where the flame of happiness and brightness is faded –
as with the cherub choir of Bethlehem!
And today from lavish bosoms
as the gold that spilled from the hair
and in that moment… the people crawled out
as though the earth from madness had strewn them –
and its breath – as Jehovah’s breath!

The original Croatian language text can be found here:
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Janko Polic Kamov signatureU potrazi sam za sponzorstvom ili drugim oblikom financijske potpore kao i prikladnog izdavača (za tisak knjige ili e-book verzije) kako bih završio svoj prijevod svih djela Janka Polića Kamova. Na prijevodu sam njegovih djela s hrvatskog na engleski jezik radim od 2012. godine. Tijekom tog procesa stvaram jedinstveni rječnik fraza i arhaičnih riječi koje Kamov koristi u svojim djelima, kao odraz i osobnog autorskog stila ali i vremena u kojem je pisao. Taj bi se rječnik mogao koristiti od strane budućih prevoditelja zainteresiranih za ovo značajno razdoblje hrvatske književnosti.

Molim vas, kontaktirajte me ako ste zainteresirani.

I am looking for sponsorship or funding and a suitable publisher (printed or online) in order to complete my translations of all of Kamov’s work. I have been working on translating his works into English since 2012. During this process I am compiling a unique glossary which could be used by future translators interested in this important period of Croatian literature.

You can read more about my work here: interview
Please contact me if you are interested.

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